New capabilities for Rockwell Automation's PharmaSuite MES

Offer improved centralised electronic batch recording with FactoryTalk Historian and OSIsoft PI System integration

Rockwell Automation has increased the flexibility of its PharmaSuite v5.2 manufacturing execution system (MES) to help manufacturers create electronic batch records in new and more efficient ways.

The new version of the system offers improved agility and production control, as well as native integration with FactoryTalk Historian software and the OSIsoft PI System to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies optimise production, improve reporting and shorten development time.

'We’re aiming to set new performance standards for MES with the PharmaSuite v5.2 system,' said Martin Dittmer, Rockwell Automation's PharmaSuite Product Manager. 'The system decreases the time required to produce, review and release each batch, and speeds processes across production areas or individual lines for more efficient recipe execution.'

We’re aiming to set new performance standards for MES

With PharmaSuite v5.2 recipe elements can be executed in parallel by multiple shop floor operators. On the production line, recipe tasks can be freely moved between electronic batch recording stations or fixed to a specific station by recipe design. This allows operators to define and control the level of execution freedom on the shop floor and increases the efficiency of electronic batch recording.

In addition, the system supports dynamic registration of devices such as industrial laptops or tablets to a production line station to enable worker mobility and collaboration in a more flexible, but still secure manner.

Native integration with FactoryTalk Historian and the OSIsoft PI System increases insight into production by gathering and archiving actionable information into one deliverable. Historian integration automates the process of collecting historical data, developing trend charts and attaching this information to the batch record. This reduces human error so operators can focus on production rather than reporting.

PharmaSuite v5.2 also has the ability to export production orders and electronic batch records for long-term archival using PDF and B2MML standards. With this, regulatory requirements for batch record retention can be efficiently supported.