Novasep and Japanese agent AR Brown extend partnership


AR Brown has been representing Novasep’s synthetic and biomolecules CMO services in Japan for the last 2 years

Novasep, a leading supplier of services and technologies for the life sciences and chemical industries, is extending its partnership with Japanese agent AR Brown to include commercialising Novasep’s chromatography equipment for the Japanese pharmaceutical industry.

Under the agreement, AR Brown will now provide business development and technical services in the Japanese market for Novasep’s Prochrom, Hipersep, Varicol, Supersep and BioSC high- and low-pressure chromatography bioprocess equipment. It will work in close co-operation with Novasep Asia, the Shanghai-based process development and engineering centre at Novasep.

Allied Labs, Novasep’s other agent in Japan, will continue providing equipment maintenance services. Allied Labs and AR Brown will collaborate in bringing further Japanese customer satisfaction.

“Novasep’s extended partnership with AR Brown enables us to more readily deploy our innovation leading biopharma industry equipment in Japan,” said Alain Lamproye, President of Novasep’s Biopharma Business Unit.

“We have succeeded in establishing our credibility as a key player in both the Chinese and Indian markets. We have high expectations that our skills, know-how and the quality of our equipment, in conjunction with AR Brown’s excellent market presence in the Japanese life sciences industry and reputation as a trusted partner, will significantly help our Japanese clients in achieving their market ambitions.”

The agreement extension comes at a time when large Japanese pharmaceutical firms are increasingly shifting operations to produce biomolecules, an area being backed by government initiatives (Deloitte 2015 Life Sciences Outlook Japan).

Known for its competitiveness and loyalty to domestic manufacturers, the Japanese market requires that international firms establish trust and build long-term relationships for several years before orders can be placed.

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“Our alliance with AR Brown has been successful. So, the desire to extend the scope of the partnership with them is a natural progression in our relationship. Novasep values the support that AR Brown brings in developing the sale of our equipment and purification services in industrial biopharma activities in Japan,” added Mr Lamproye.