Open invitation to 61 lots of stainless steel tanks

The sale of stainless steel tanks and disinfection liquid process equipment ends 26 February

Liquidity Services is currently managing the sale of equipment from French health and hygiene specialist Laboratoires Anios, with a selection of stainless steel tanks and disinfection liquid process equipment based in Lille, France.

The sale features:

  • ETA ’18 Rians’ Stainless Steel Tanks 30,000 litre (Qty 9)
  • APV ‘7341’ Stainless Steel Tanks 15,000 litre (Qty 9)
  • Stainless Steel Tanks 10,000 litre (Qty 2)
  • Stainless Steel Tanks 5,000 litre (Qty 10)
  • ETA Stainless Steel Tanks 3,000 litre (Qty 1)
  • HDPE Tanks 5,000 litre 5,000 litre (Qty 3)
  • Stainless Steel IBC Storage Racks & Gantry
  • Boge ‘S20’ Air Compressor
  • Boge ‘SF 29-2’ Screw Compressors (Qty 2)
  • Also to include: Large quantity of pallet racking, dock levellers, stirring stations, osmosis unit, pumps, manifolds, valves & distribution units

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