Professional autoclaving in a small format

AS series combines high-efficiency sterilisation with short cycle times

IKS International, based in Rosmalen, the Netherlands, claims its latest benchtop autoclaves offer functionality normally only found in larger equipment.

The products feature a built-in steam generator, water-cooling, vacuum pump, a sensor to measure the temperature of the load and a steam ballast facility to facilitate trouble-free cooling.

The laboratory equipment specialist says all of these features combine to give high-efficiency sterilisation with short cycle times – typically one more full cycle per day than competitive compact machines.

AS series 60 litre benchtop autoclave

Available with nominal capacities of 60, 80 or 100 litres, the IKS AS series is suitable for the usual autoclaving applications such as media preparation, sterilisation of instruments, glassware and clothing, and the destruction of samples. With their short cycle times they are especially suited to the preparation of sensitive media that cannot tolerate long periods at high temperature, says IKS.

Furthermore, their small size and power requirements mean that smaller batches of material can be conveniently treated on demand, rather than waiting for a vacancy in a larger autoclave, or having to use one uneconomically.

The autoclaves can be used vertically (top loading) or horizontally (front loading) to give the most efficient use of space in the laboratory. The 60 litre model has a footprint of only 735mm x 715mm in the horizontal mode. The autoclaves are stainless steel and easy to operate, with flexible programmes and a high degree of controllability.

IKS product manager Han Weerdesteyn said: ‘Lab space is the most costly in the laboratory. The IKS line of autoclaves offers a professional autoclaving solution packaged in a small format.’