Recipharm CEO sells shares but remains committed and significant holder

Thomas Eldered, CEO and co-founder of Recipharm AB, has informed the company that he has sold 1,559,125 Class B shares in Recipharm

The sale to a Swedish institutional investor represents approximately 12.7% of his total shareholding in the company.

Following the transaction, Thomas Eldered remains the single largest shareholder in Recipharm and holds 15.8% of the shares and 38.7% of the votes in the company.

Thomas commented: “There are only personal financial reasons behind the decision to sell a small portion of my shares in Recipharm."

"I have no intention to sell any additional shares in the company. The shareholding in Recipharm represents by far my largest investment."

"Recipharm is in a very strong position and I see many exciting opportunities to further develop. I look forward to leading the organisation on our continued successful journey.”