SGS Life Sciences expands facility in West Chester, PA, US


Adds to protein structural analysis services

SGS Life Science Services, a testing and certification company, has completed the expansion of its facility in West Chester, PA, US.

The company has installed new instruments offering advanced analytical techniques for the structural analysis of proteins.

The West Chester facility has traditionally offered primary protein and glycosylation structural analysis, in addition to circular dichroism, which is used to determine secondary protein structure.

This latest investment includes analytical ultra centriguation (AUC) for determining protein aggregation; size exclusion chromatography with multi-angle laser light scattering for establishing molecular weight profiles; and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) to examine protein secondary structure.

The facility now mirrors the company’s capabilities in Wokingham, UK, which has a reputation for offering world-class protein analysis to clients in multiple areas. These include investigation of lot-to-lot variations, biosimilar comparability, and shipment excursion studies to monitor the stability and sensitivity of biological molecules under various storage conditions.

'This investment will allow SGS to keep up with our clients’ ever-growing pipelines for biological therapeutics, and also for the numerous biosimilars under development,' said Mark Rogers, Senior VP, Life Science Services, SGS North America.

'We have seen the demand for these services increase and, with the impending changes to legislation for marketing biosimilars, we envisage that the need for these analyses, in order to demonstrate similarity, will continue to grow.'

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Last year SGS increased analytical capabilities at its facilities in France, China, UK, India and the US.

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