Shimadzu releases sample prep kit for quantitative analysis of mABs

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments releases the nSMOL (nano-surface and molecular orientation limited proteolysis) Antibody Bio-Analysis Kit

Applicable to a variety of pharmaceutical antibodies, this nSMOL Antibody Bio-Analysis Kit enables selective proteolysis of the Fab region of monoclonal antibodies (mAB) to dramatically improve the productivity and robustness of liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMS) mAB bioanalysis.

The nSMOL Antibody Bio-Analysis Kit is a ready to use reagent kit for collecting mAB from blood or other biological samples using immunoglobulin collection resin and then performing selective proteolysis of the Fab region of these antibodies via trypsin immobilised nanoparticles.

Variable region derived peptides produced by limited proteolysis can then be quantified via multivariate and repeated measures (MRM) measurements utilising Shimadzu’s high-performance LCMS-8050/8060 triple quadrupole liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer.

The simplified workflow eliminates the steps of denaturing, reduction and alkyation normally associated with protein digestion. This resulted in more efficient sample preparation and analysis. With the nSMOL Antibody Bio-Analysis Kit, the region of the antibodies subject to analysis (Fab region) is selectively fragmented.

The sample preparation protocol dramatically suppresses background noise and ion suppression and leads to improved response and quantitative repeatability. In addition, the selective collection of Fab peptides limits contamination from excessive peptides or trypsin.

The release of the nSMOL Antibody Bio-Analysis Kit reflects Shimadzu’s focus on consumables and its continued commitment to accelerating laboratory workflows.

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