Tecan launches optimised packaging for clear disposable tips

This compact and lightweight packaging option has less dead space between tip racks for economical transport and disposal

Customer feedback has inspired Tecan to introduce a redesigned packaging format for its Tecan Pure Liquid Handling (LiHa) disposable clear tips.

This more compact and lightweight packaging option has less dead space between tip racks, making it easier and more economical to transport, as well as reducing waste disposal costs.

By optimising the packaging, the product now contains 45% less plastic than the current Tecan Pure blister packs, supporting progress towards a more sustainable approach.

The new design is initially available for the 200 and 1,000 μl Tecan Pure clear tips for use with Air LiHa, Air FCA and Cavro ADP. The new offering makes tips significantly easier to store, maximising use of laboratory space.

The clear LiHa disposable tips range first launched in 2017, providing cost-effective, verified performance for a variety of pipetting activities that do not require capacitive liquid level detection (cLLD).

Luca Valeggia, VP of Laboratory Automation and Consumables at Tecan, said: “This innovative packaging looks simple, but requires expert and in-depth understanding of both materials and manufacturing processes. In future, we will investigate further incremental improvements for our vision of improving the sustainability of our products”.

To learn more about clear tips, visit www.tecan.com/tecan-pure-clear-tips.