Venair launches a new division called Venair Biotech


Will offer single-use products to the biotechnological, pharmaceutical and scientific sectors

Venair, a Switzerland-headquartered manufacturer of high-performance silicone hoses, has strengthened its worldwide position by setting up a new business division called Venair Biotech.

This new business will offer single-use products that are assembled in cleanrooms and intended for the biotechnological, pharmaceutical and scientific sectors.

Venair Biotech will commercialise the single-use products in personalised packages, which include silicone hoses, sensors and fittings or valves, depending on the process for which they will be used. The company will also design tailormade kits.

Single-use products, assembled in cleanrooms, are said to have important advantages over metallic systems, such as fewer contamination risks and reduced operative costs. They also allow delivery periods to be reduced.

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The company says Venair Biotech’s single-use kits meet the strictest standards of the biomedical sector and are assembled in Class 7 cleanrooms.