Whitepaper: Developing Industry 4.0 solutions for pre-filled syringes manufacturing operations


Pre-filled syringes are regarded as one of the most effective medical devices of administering medications to patients. The rapidly increasing demand for pre-filled syringes places enormous challenges on the pharmaceutical industry.

The related technology developments keep pace with the growth of the global market for injectable medications. However, as far as manufacturing operations in pharmaceutical facilities are concerned, there is a key area with a big room for improvement yet to be developed. This is the logistic operations involving handling, transfer, and transport of pre-filled syringes towards the different production process stages. Such improvement area, involving a greater quality, traceability, and productivity, necessarily requires the replacement of manual operations by fully automated systems.

Today, all this has turned even more relevant due to the pandemic of Covid19, which has brought out the urgent need for essential sectors such as pharma and medical to invest in Industry 4.0 technologies in order to become less and less dependent on manpower in manufacturing operations.

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In this whitepaper, we will take a look at the major issues in the logistics of manufacturing drugs in pre-filled syringes, and we will show you our innovative solution concept.

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