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Synthetic biology breakthrough leads to cheaper statin production

Single-step fermentative method for the production of pravastatin will facilitate industrial-scale manufacture

Europe | Therapeutic Sector

Catalent expands European clinical packaging capabilities

Investment has been implemented in response to increased customer demand for speciality handling

Packaging | Europe

Offline coding to the rescue for FMD compliance

Thousands of EU pharma manufacturers and packers face the costly prospect of re-engineering their production lines to satisfy the Falsified Medicines Directive. Offline systems could be one way of easing the burden, says Richard Pether, Director, Rotech

Packaging | Regulatory

Ejector solution gives cleanroom productivity a big push

Sumitomo Demag ejector and mould control algorithm synchronises ejector forward speed with mould open speed

Design and Build | Europe | Manufacturing and Equipment

Serialisation: No more time to waste

One barrier to implementing product serialisation has been the variation and uncertainty of what would be required in the various regions around the world. Susan Birks talked to key players about how ready the industry is to meet the deadlines

Packaging | Regulatory

Systems with the vision for the future

Implementation of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive requires various equipment and systems to be in place by 2018. Harry Thomason, MD, Travtec Group looks at systems with true vision that will help manufacturers with compliance

Packaging | Regulatory

Growth hormone therapy market favours biobetters over biosimilars, says GlobalData analyst

But high biobetter prices could facilitate the adoption of GH biosimilars

Europe | Biotechnology

Reducing attrition early in discovery

Fragment-based drug discovery is providing more efficient ways to identify and advance true drug leads. Dr Paul Belcher, Development Leader, Biacore, GE Healthcare looks at recent developments and the benefits of surface plasmon resonance

R and D | Measurement and Analysis

SGS expands biomarker analytical capabilities at facility in Poitiers, France

Invests in additional modules for its COBAS 6000 analysis system

Europe | Regulatory

Attracting pharma manufacturing to the UK

The UK has historically had a strong tradition in pharmaceutical production. James Christie, ABPI Project Director for Manufacturing, looks at initiatives aimed at strengthening the UK’s position in the fast-changing global manufacturing sector

Europe | R and D | Manufacturing and Equipment