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DHL opens new €3.4m life sciences logistics centre at Leipzig airport

Will handle active and passive temperature-controlled pharmaceutical products

Packaging | Europe

Aspirations for better pack design

As manufacturers look to provide treatments for the long-term management of increasingly complex diseases and medical conditions, Cambridge Consultants discusses the role of design in meeting the needs of an ageing population and the trend towards self-medication by patients at home

Packaging | Drug Delivery

Indian pharma looks to Latin America for export growth

India envisages exports expansion in Latin America and places renewed focus and investment on safeguarding the quality of drugs produced

Regulatory | Latin America | Asia

RH and its effect on drug attributes

Water's relationship to APIs is complex and can spell disaster for some drug formulations. Andrew Parker, Molecular Profiles, and Michael Leane, Bristol-Myers Squibb, look at the need to control relative humidity during various production processes

Measurement and Analysis | Manufacturing

Gilead announces generic licensing agreements with Indian companies

To increase access to hepatitis C drugs in 91 developing countries

North America | Generics | Finance | Asia

Faster de-formulation of dry powder inhalers

The complexity of dry powder inhalers makes them one of the toughest generic development targets. Dr Paul Kippax, Malvern Instruments, reviews FDA guidance on their formulation and discusses strategies for effective de-formulation

Drug Delivery | Measurement and Analysis

Nasal MDIs – moving beyond nasal allergy

Nasal MDIs have the potential to reach far beyond the current usage sphere of allergic rhinitis. Louise Righton, Global Marketing Operations Manager, 3M Drug Delivery Systems, looks at why they may see wider therapy use in future

Drug Delivery

Industry comments on EMA template for declaring GMP compliance

EMA receives views of 24 industry organisations

Europe | Regulatory

Drug delivery innovations set to disrupt sector

Drug formulators will have a broader range of drug delivery options in future, aiding both compliance and outcomes. Susan Birks reports

Drug Delivery | R and D