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Certara and the University of Manchester host inaugural model-based personalised drug dosing in healthcare conference

Clinical healthcare researchers, academic and industry experts from eight countries collaborate to advance the goal of identifying the right drug dose for each patient

Europe | Drug Delivery | R and D | Information Technology

BIA launches briefing paper on orphan medicinal products

The briefing paper explores the regulatory framework and the setting up of the Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products, and raises awareness around the latest developments in this field

Europe | Regulatory | R and D

Increasing the chances of finding the best possible CRO/CMO fit

Industry research, referrals and consultants remain the top drivers of CRO and CDMO selection, but trade shows are a good way to learn about outsourcing firms and whether their capabilities fit your needs, writes Wei Gao, Director of Accounts, That’s Nice LLC/Nice Insight

Guilarte discovery opens door to further research into treatment of neurodegenerative disease

New paper explains how TSPO levels can help to provide a real-time picture of inflammation related to neurodegenerative diseases

North America | R and D | Therapeutic Sector | Mental Health

ZYMtronix and Almac collaborate on a National Science Foundation (NSF)-sponsored project

Project will allow both companies to provide efficient immobilised catalysts for the mild and selective oxidation of chemical intermediates and APIs

Ingredients | R and D | Finance | Manufacturing and Equipment

Zika outbreak gives rise to global fears

Zika may not be a new virus but its newly confirmed ability to cause foetal brain abnormalities makes the search for a treatment or a vaccine a high priority. Dr Sarah Houlton looks at the latest initiatives

North America | Vaccines | Africa ME | Latin America

Changshan and Albumedix to development patient-friendly type II diabetes treatment

Albumedix albumin-based half-life extension technology used in clinical development of Changshan’s once-weekly diabetes treatment for the Chinese market

Drug Delivery | R and D | Therapeutic Sector | Asia | Diabetes

A new generation of ‘better biologics’

The growth of biologics has been rapid and new generation therapies are now using multiple therapies within doses. Catalent looks at some of the pioneering technologies available to help to achieve more consistent manufacture of multiple recombinant proteins and better ADCs

R and D | Biotechnology

CGT and CTM CRC sign T-cell research agreement

The UK’s Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult and the Australian CRC for Cell Therapy Manufacturing will collaborate to advance scaffold technology for the commercial production of T-cells

Europe | R and D | Therapeutic Sector | Finance

A solid dose of innovation

Contract development and manufacturing organisations can help optimise time to market as well as bringing technical expertise and high quality manufacturing services to the development of innovative technologies for solid dose delivery, argues Recipharm

Manufacturing and Equipment

Singapore team develops technology to 'print' customised tablets

The drug tablet has three components, including a polymer containing the drug in a specifically designed shape that will determine the rate of release

R and D | Asia | Manufacturing and Equipment

Biocatalysis versus chemocatalysis

Dr Cynthia A. Challener, Scientific Content Editor, Nice Insight, compares the benefits of various catalytic technologies and concludes that the outright winner is the patient

Ingredients | Biotechnology

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