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Devaluation of Russian currency casts shadow on Indian pharma sector

Unchecked rouble slide could hurt profits, say analysts

Europe | Finance | Asia

Moberg Pharma's fungal nail product approved in China

Region expected to be an important contributor to revenue and profit this year

Regulatory | Asia

CPPs: beating drug delivery barriers

Cell-penetrating peptides are a promising tool for cellular import of drug cargos and have been applied in the delivery of a variety of therapeutic molecules. Jyothi Thundimadathil and Archana Gangakhedkar, American Peptide Co, highlight recent application studies

Ingredients | Drug Delivery

MSF criticises Gilead's voluntary licence agreement with eight Indian generic companies

Decision could restrict access to antiviral drugs across the developing world, says MSF

Generics | Asia

India commits US$4m over four years to Gavi Alliance

India has the largest number of unimmunised children in the world

Vaccines | Asia

New multinational companies expected to emerge from Indian pharma SMEs

Indian manufacturers are evolving up the value chain by concentrating on high-value, low volume work and moving some R&D programmes to the developed economies, says the latest report compiled by CPhI in collaboration with GBR

Europe | Latin America | Asia

Danish biotechnology company takes a novel approach to 3D cell culturing

Bioneer is using the Dolomite Micro Droplet System to encapsulate cells in gelatin hydrogels

Europe | R and D | Biotechnology | Manufacturing

Syntheses that cut costs and boost yields

Reworking drug syntheses using cheaper or more environmentally friendly ingredients and catalysts can increase margins dramatically. Dr Sarah Houlton reports on recent successes

R and D | Manufacturing

New concepts for home-based diagnostic devices

The desire to treat and manage patients at home rather than in hospitals requires a new approach to diagnostic device design. John Pritchard, Cambridge Consultants, discusses some of the technology trends and issues to consider

Excipients and APIs expected to see growth

Potency, generics and biopharmaceuticals drive ingredient growth but supply chain security and GMP compliance remain major concerns in developing regions. Susan Birks reports