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Hovione installs new large-scale spray drying unit

To handle high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients

Europe | Manufacturing and Equipment

Pistoia Alliance launches Start-up Challenge 2015

Contest will see start-up companies develop new ways to improve innovation in life sciences R&D

North America | R and D

High hopes for cannabis

Cannabis has a long history of therapeutic as well as recreational use. Dr Sarah Houlton considers the properties that are making it increasingly attractive to pharma companies now that its legalisation is accelerating

North America | R and D | Biotechnology

Amarna and CBmed collaborate to develop immunotherapies

Agreement includes the design, development and testing of a CAR T-cell therapy and reverse vaccines for the treatment of major diseases

R and D | Therapeutic Sector | Vaccines | Cardiology

Swiss company invests in API micronisation facility

Micro-Macinazione, a European specialist in the micronisation of active pharmaceutical ingredients, is expanding its production and storage capacity and establishing new safety standards

Design and Build | Containment | Ingredients | Europe | Therapeutic Sector | Manufacturing and Equipment

Micronising APIs under containment

The poor solubility and bioavailability of today’s APIs can be addressed via micronisation. Swiss group Dec looks at the latest technology for reducing the particle size of potent APIs

Containment | Manufacturing and Equipment

Spinifex Pharmaceuticals sold to Novartis

Novartis will continue to develop the company’s programmes to address neuropathic pain

R and D | Therapeutic Sector | Finance

Body feed filtration provides enhanced bioprocessing

Continuous improvements in growth media and cell lines have elevated biomass concentrations in bioprocesses, subsequently challenging the downstream purification process. Sartorius Stedim Biotech’s body feed filtration-based solution is designed to address this issue

Biotechnology | Manufacturing and Equipment

Update on SafeBridge potent compound safety certification programme

The programme provides drug innovators with an independent assessment of a manufacturing company’s ability to safely produce potent APIs and drug products

Ingredients | Manufacturing and Equipment

A bullish time for biotech

Biotechnology has changed healthcare radically over the past decade and its impact on the pharmaceutical sector is growing. Susan Birks reports on the impact of the biotech boom


Panther Biotechnology announces acquisition of Alchemia Oncology

The acquisition further strengthens Panther's drug development and platform technology portfolio

R and D | Therapeutic Sector | Finance

A Quality by Design approach to setting up E&L studies

Evaluation of extractables and leachables (E&L) is an important aspect of the FDA’s Quality by Design initiative in drug design. But there are, as yet, no exact details on how to set up a suitable study strategy. Andreas Nixdorf, SGS Life Science Services, discusses general approaches and cornerston

Regulatory | Measurement and Analysis