Gen-Probe Life Sciences Tepnel

Heron House - Oaks Business Park
Crewe Road, Wythenshawe
M23 9HZ
United Kingdom

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As the best in class global provider of analytical services to the pharmaceutical sector, Tepnel Pharma Services specialises in the provision of regulatory services and analytical solutions, including cGMP drug development services, pre-clinical support services, clinical support services and molecular genetic services under inspection and approval of the MHRA and FDA.


Established for more than 25 years, Tepnel Pharma Services has the experience to handle even the most complex of analytical methodologies, and is dedicated to continuously developing efficiencies on behalf of its clients.

Tepnel Pharma Services is an established business of Gen-Probe Incorporated, a world leader in molecular diagnostics.

Tepnel Pharma Services consists of following:

cGMP Drug Development Services

  • Stability Testing
  • Batch Release Testing
  • Method Development and Validation
  • Raw Materials Testing
  • Microbiology Testing

Pre/Clinical Support Services

  • Method Development and validation
  • Sample Analysis from GLP toxicology studies
  • Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics
  • Bioanalysis
  • Identification and quantification of Biomarkers
  • Pharmacogenomics

Molecular Genetic Services

  • Clinical Pharmacogenomics and Medical Genetics
  • DNA/RNA extraction
  • Array Based Genotyping – WGAS, SNP’s, Candidate Gene
  • DNA sequencing
  • Residual DNA testing
  • Whole Genome Amplification
  • BioBanking & BioInformatics