ACM Global Central Laboratory establishes Mumbai subsidiary


Operational facility is dedicated to managing clinical trials testing in India and study support in Asia Pacific

ACM Global Central Lab has advanced its hybrid central lab model in Mumbai with a state-of-the-art operational facility dedicated to managing clinical trials testing in India and providing study support throughout Asia Pacific. Working in conjunction with the largest diagnostic lab in the region, ACM Global oversees the full complement of study support to keep clinical trials on schedule and on budget, including kit building, shipping logistics, project management, data management, and site support.

ACM Global first gained an operational footprint in India seven years ago, and established its hybrid lab model three years ago to support increased activity in the Asia Pacific region. This has enabled the company to take advantage of an established, regional central lab while benefiting from its own advanced data management systems for the centralisation and harmonisation of test data. With a local staff, data is integrated immediately with the centralised database, and shipping and logistics are navigated at the local level, which means tighter specimen controls and lower total costs to the sponsor.

‘We have been able to build a local team that thoroughly understands the nuances of the market, plus the systems and process at ACM Global to maintain our high global standard for global clinical trial testing,’ said Nandan Rao, director, India and general manager, Asia Pacific at ACM Global Central Lab.

‘We are evolving the concept of a hybrid lab model, which combines the advantages of a long-standing regional lab with a broad test menu, a rich database of historical test results, deep regulatory expertise and our Mumbai-based employees to manage all activity critical to the success of a clinical trial,’ said Tracy Hendershott, vice president, clinical trials at ACM Global Central Lab.

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