Clinical trials in Poland offer cost advantages over the US


New report says market will grow by 4% to reach US$323m in Poland by 2015

The clinical trial market in Poland will grow by 4% to reach US$323m by 2015, up from $266m in 2010, according to a new report by GBI Research.

The report, Emerging Market for Clinical Trials in Poland Cost Advantages of Nearly 30% as Compared to the US, says Poland is attracting major pharmaceutical firms to conduct clinical trials in the country owing to its patient population, speed of patient recruitment, and good quality clinical data.

Legislative drawbacks and the long trial registration process are currently holding back the clinical trials market in the region, but if these problems are resolved the market may grow at an exorbitant rate in the future, says GBI Research.

The study has found that the cost per trial in Poland is nearly 30% less than in the US owing to a high rate of patient recruitment and excellent quality of data, as well as a reduced number of rejected clinical trials recordings and time efficient proceedings.

GBI Research says access to the national health system is limited and medication is expensive in Poland, hence, with the offer of better medical care, free drugs and diagnostic procedures, patient recruitment in clinical trials is very high. In a comparison of patient recruitment for clinical trials from 2005 to 2009 in Eastern European countries Poland came out on top.

The increased benefits for patients participating in clinical trials in turn leads to highly motivated investigators. By comparison, patient recruitment for clinical trials in Western countries is difficult as people either have access to good medical care from government hospitals or they have medical insurance, which means they can afford treatment even in private hospitals.


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