Codexis introduces Codex biocatalyst panels

US biotech company Codexis has introduced Codex Biocatalyst Panels to enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to use biocatalysts to increase r&d and manufacturing productivity while significantly reducing cost.

The panels are pretuned to accept a wide range of substrates, leading to faster, earlier development of efficient, lower-cost and environmentally sound manufacturing processes well in advance of Phase III clinical trials.

'Use of the Codex Panels can cut biocatalyst development time from months to weeks, and gives researchers hands-on insight into the applicability of our MolecularBreeding technology,' said Dr Alan Shaw, president and ceo of Codexis. 'Resulting development processes based on Codexis custom biocatalysts can reduce cost of goods and capital expenditures over many years.'

Sets of diagnostic enzyme panels can be used to screen for reactivity in desired process reactions. These enzymes have been optimised for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and are provided in a convenient 96-well format to determine if a biocatalytic solution is available for a chemically challenging process step. Panel data is used by Codexis to quickly develop product-specific, customised biocatalysts and biocatalytic processes for pharmaceutical partners.

'Until now, Codexis technology has been used for drug candidates selectively brought to us by innovator pharmaceutical manufacturers,' Shaw added. 'The new panel approach enables customers to apply Codexis technology broadly in-house to identify optimisable biocatalytic process solutions for multiple drug candidates across their pipelines.'

The initial offering will be a ketoreductase Codex Panel, but the technology is being developed for all common enzyme classes. According to Codexis, the Codex Panels are competitively priced to enable them to be sold into the generics market. They are available for in-house use on a subscription fee basis. Alternatively, for a fixed fee Codexis will undertake a screening service.

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