EasyMax reactor provides fast, reproducible synthesis


Covers wide temperature range without a cryostat

The EasyMax 102 semi-automated chemical synthesis reactor system from Mettler Toledo replaces traditional and more cumbersome chemical synthesis processes that rely on round-bottom flasks, oil and ice baths.

Requiring almost no set-up time and operated by a simple touchpad, EasyMax has a built-in, solid-state thermostat covering a wide temperature range without a cryostat.

‘EasyMax’s simplified system replaces traditional equipment with an alternative that provides more accurate, higher-quality data,’ said Urs Groth, reaction engineering marketing communication manager at Mettler Toledo.

‘The number of experiments required to substantiate outcomes is reduced, increasing a chemist’s productivity and substantially decreasing synthetic chemical development costs.’

EasyMax 102 semi-automated chemical synthesis reactor system

The iC Software Suite included with EasyMax integrates the entire experimental workflow, making it simple to visualise, interpret and report data, as well as compare different chemical synthesis experiments. Data can be collected or stored in-unit and easily transferred to PC via USB.

Seamless integration of the synthesis reactor with online analytical programmes such as mid-infrared-based ReactIR or the FBRM particle characterisation system provides information describing the reaction’s progress.

The heating and cooling system developed for EasyMax gives the chemical synthesis reactor the ability to achieve consistent temperatures ranging from –40ºC to +180ºC without a cryostat.

EasyMax’s ability to generate reproducible experiments also means reduced consumption of reagents/solvents, better data quality and more failure-resistant chemical synthesis processes.

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