Integrated cleaning system with a small footprint


Andersen Cascade Impactor is for post-test ultrasonic washing and drying

Andersen Cascade Impactor provides an integrated solution

The Andersen Cascade Impactor (ACI) cleaning system from Copley Scientific provides an integrated solution for the post-test ultrasonic washing and drying of the ACI, an instrument used for inhaled product testing.

The system simplifies and semi-automates this manually intensive process, improving productivity, reducing operator-to-operator variability and potentially extending impactor life, the inhaler test equipment manufacturer says.

The ACI cleaning system includes a purpose designed carrying rack, an ultrasonic cleaning bath, a rinse bath, suction aspirator and drying oven. The carrying rack has designated apertures for all parts of the impactor including the inlet cone, induction port and pre-separator. The cleaning bath and oven both have a number of controlled variables for repeatable, automated operation. Together these components provide an integrated system that occupies just 1.8m of bench space.

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