PackCare collection scheme targets pharmaceutical sector

Rewards are offered to container users who return their containers to PackCare to be reconditioned or recycled

UK-based PackCare, the wholly owned WasteCare subsidiary specialising in the collection, reconditioning and recycling of commercial packaging, has expanded its service to chemical and pharmaceutical companies following the acquisition of E Pease & Son.

The company believes it is now the only one in the UK offering to collect all types of chemical industry bulk containers for a fixed cost from anywhere in the country, regardless of quantity, content and condition of the containers concerned.

"PackCare now offers a total recycling solution for all industrial and commercial packaging," said WasteCare chief executive Peter Hunt. "The combination of Pease's expertise in reconditioning containers and WasteCare's national collection fleet of more than 100 trucks based at 11 regional sites means we can offer a very attractive one-stop shop service to pharmaceutical and chemical companies."

He added that the company was offering rewards to container users who returned their containers to PackCare to be reconditioned or recycled. For instance, 24 will be paid for a 1000-litre IBC and 3.25 for a 205-litre plastic drum in grade A condition.

"We want to maximise the number of containers that are reconditioned, reused and recovered and minimise the number that are disposed of," said Hunt. "Our aim is the lowest possible environmental impact."

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