Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces ‘off the shelf’ fragment library


Maybridge Ro3 Diversity Fragments now available in prepared stock solution format for convenient use at the bench top

The Maybridge Ro3 Diversity Fragment Library contains a broad range of 1,500 compounds

Thermo Fisher Scientific has made the Maybridge Ro3 Diversity Fragment Library available in a new prepared format, with each compound pre-dissolved as a DMSO solution.

A gold standard for lead generation, the Maybridge Ro3 Diversity Fragment Library contains a broad range of 1,500 compounds, many of which are small-molecule pharmacophores available only from Maybridge. Manufactured and selected specifically to meet ‘Rule of Three’ requirements, these fragments are an ideal first step in pharmaceutical lead development.

The new ready-to-use format offers complete user convenience, saving time on sample and stock solution preparation. Available in three 500-compound sets, each compound in the library is pre-solubilised as a 1ml 10mM solution, providing 10µMol of 95% purity pharmacophore dissolved in analytical grade DMSO. The libraries are also available at higher concentrations upon request.

The Maybridge Ro3 Diversity Fragment Library is provided in standard, automation-compatible, matrix tube and latch-rack formats and is also available pre-packaged to fit any standard microplate footprint, with cap mat seals for automated, high-throughput applications.

Each compound has a Tanimoto similarity index of 0.66, allowing for superb structural diversity across the library. The library contains a large number of compound fragments that are linker friendly, enabling them to be incorporated into larger drug molecule backbones.

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