Wacker Biosolutions to focus on biotechnology


Wacker Fine Chemicals becomes Wacker Biosolutions and concentrates on biotechnology

The cleanroom at Wacker\'s biologics production facility in Jena, Germany

Wacker, the German chemical company, has changed the name of its Wacker Fine Chemicals division to Wacker Biosolutions as it gives the business a biotechnology focus.

Wacker Biosolutions will concentrate on building its business in three main areas, including pharmaceuticals, alongside its existing portfolio of fine chemicals and chemical intermediates. Its biotech products include cyclodextrins, cysteine and biologics, as well as fine chemicals and PVAc solid resins.

The Munich-based firm is currently extending process development and production capacities for the manufacture of pharmaceutical proteins at Wacker Biotech in Jena, Germany.

Wacker aims to offer tailored complete solutions to customers, taking advantage of the synergies between its chemical and biotech expertise. It sees potential in providing innovative products and technologies in the budding market for bioengineered products.

"This reorganisation lays further foundations for Wacker's future success in the growing field of biotechnology," said Gerhard Schmid, senior vice president of Wacker Biosolutions.

Over the past few years, Wacker has posted high double-digit growth with biotech products such as cyclodextrins and cysteine. The group sees future global-market potential in pharmaceutical actives, food additives and agrochemicals.

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