Whitehouse Scientific introduces certified silica microspheres


Applications in drug delivery, respiratory studies and filter testing

Whitehouse Scientific has extended its range of glass microspheres from 10 microns down to 1.5 microns with the addition of a certified range of silica microspheres.

In addition to their use in particle sizing, these silica microspheres are used in drug delivery, respiratory studies and filter testing. Supplied as dry powders in sets of five with each vial containing 0.2g, they can be used as either wet suspensions or in the dry form.

Whitehouse adds a certified range of silica microspheres

Spherical with a narrow size distribution, the microspheres are traceable to the NIST international reference standard using a precision microscope method that corrects for any pixel asymmetry in the camera sensor.

Analytical precision is confirmed using certified discs on an NPL (National Physical Laboratory, UK) particle reference graticule and 3D NIST-traceable latex standards.

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