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Catalent client gets FDA approval for generic bronchodilator

Approval has marked the first generic metered-dose inhaler to be approved by the FDA in over twenty years and will now ...

Piramal invests $42m in glass facility in India

Expansion plan includes one new furnace with seven new manufacturing lines across 300,000 sqft plant

Lunac chooses Domainex for novel anticoagulant drug discovery services

New partnership has been established to discover a drug that inhibits the protease target activated Factor XII

Data integrity compliance for chromatography methods

The ability to track and trace information from one laboratory to another across the globe is challenging but doable, ...

GW Pharmaceuticals reports Epidiolex sales of $296 million in first year

The British biopharmaceutical company has released Q4 and 2019 financial year results

Pistoia Alliance provides unified data model update years in the making

Supported by Biovia, Elsevier, GSK, Novartis, and Roche, Version 6 of the Unified Data Model file format has been ...

John Baker: Life sciences need to address the reproducibility crisis

The head of product innovation at Abcam says it is crucial that the whole industry finds ways to de-risk the route to ...

Eppendorf launches new bioreactor control system

Bay-drawer system has enabled the exchange of standardised modules to flexibly adapt the controller to the changing ...

European Commission publishes revised Annex 1

New document enters a three-month consultation period

Automation in the lab boosts real-time collaboration

The trend towards global collaboration in the lab is showing no sign of slowing, so companies must streamline this ...

Optimise desiccants with 3D validation software

Baltimore's CFD model brings predictive science to validation. Desiccants are tested for performance over time, ...

The Lonza powder-in-capsule microdosing approach

Jeff Williamson and Ben Sahacic explain how microdosing offers a proven approach for biopharmaceutical companies to ...

EnWave and GEA collaborate on machinery for precise dehydration of organic materials

Canadian EnWave has signed a deal to accelerate the potential commercialisation of its Radiant Energy Vacuum technology

GE Healthcare collaborates to develop ligands for AAV purification

Australian Children’s Medical Research Institute and GE have agreed to develop new affinity ligands for the ...

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