ARTES and Basic Pharma near completion of their joint rHSA project

Published: 7-May-2024

The collaborative project involved the production of recombinant human serum albumin (rHSA)

ARTES, a company specialising in the development and transfer of recombinant cell lines and protein production processes from microbial expression systems, and Basic Pharma, a pharmaceutical company focusing on pharmaceutical products, have made significant progress in their strategic collaboration to produce recombinant Human Serum Albumin derived from Hansenula yeast.

The teams have been working successfully on the development of rHSA and the project is on track to completion.

The companies are expected to release the first vials containing rHSA this Summer, as the project approaches the final stages of development. The target audience for the rHSA includes laboratories in academia and industry that require small quantities of high-quality recombinant proteins for their research endeavors.

Michael Piontek, Managing Director of ARTES Biotechnology, added: “The combination of development and manufacturing capabilities at both ARTES and our partner Basic Pharma enables the launch of human albumin today and several new peptides and proteins in the near future.”

Ralph Bosmans, Manager of Biotechnology at Basic Pharma, expressed his satisfaction with the progress: "This collaboration has been instrumental in realizing our vision of offering reagents for research applications. Our joint efforts with ARTES have paved the way for the release of Human Serum Albumin, marking a significant milestone in our strategic collaboration." 


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