Abzena and Argonaut collaborate on end-to-end biopharma drug development initiative

Published: 24-Jun-2024

The companies will integrate their capabilities to provide an end-to-end drug development programme for the biopharma industry, which is controlled by a single team for improved streamlining

Abzena and Argonaut Manufacturing Services, two bio-specialising CDMOs, have partnered to provide a fully integrate drug substance and product manufacturing solution for the biopharmaceutical manufacturers.

The collaboration will offer a streamlined approach for those looking to expedite the movement of therapeutics to the clinic, as well as speeding up the later stages of commercial manufacturing. 


Integration for better efficiency

The companies will support biopharma drug businesses by utilising a single development and manufacturing team to facilitate the simple transition from early discover through to clinical stages and commercialisation. Their capabilities include:

  • Antibody engineering
  • Developability
  • Formulation development
  • Cell line development
  • Process and analytical development

The integration of the entire development process allows for more rapid and logical decision-making, as well as the efficient transfer of technology and a reduction in supply chain complexity. 

Both Abzena and Argonaut have significant experience in developing and manufacturing end-to-end biopharmaceutical programmes.

By combining Abzena's antibody discovery, development and cGMP manufacturing capabilities with Argonaut's sterile fill-finish offering, the companies state that they can optimise efficiency and accelerate biopharma development.

CEO of Argonaut, Wayne Woodard, said: “For the past few years, Argonaut and Abzena have been successfully building and strengthening their partnership. We’ve enhanced this collaboration by publicly recognising the value that our two companies can generate for our clients. Ecosystems are an integral part of our business, and these partnerships are crucial in providing comprehensive support to all our — regardless of their size — to ensure efficient and successful delivery of their drugs to patients."

[Photo credit: Abzena]

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