Annogen and Orchard Therapeutics collaborate to develop CNS-cell specific promoters

Published: 7-Jun-2024

The companies aim to identify immune cell-specific promoters for hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy programmes using a comprehensive database of relevant in vivo measurements

Annogen, a company specialising in gene expression engineering and Orchard Therapeutics, a global gene therapy specialist, have begun a research collaboration to identify immune cell-specific human promoters for use in certain pre-clinical hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) gene therapy programmes.


Evidence-based identification of gene expression

Using Annogen’s Survey of Regulatory Elements (SuRE) technology, the companies will assess the human regulatory genome in vivo and in vitro to identify DNA elements that are active in different cell types and conditions. 

Subsequently, promoters and enhancers can be screened to identify the best hybrids to drive gene expression in a disease-specific context. 
The SuRE technology is unique among other promoter identification technologies as it’s not based on AI predictions which need verification; but instead focuses on a database of wet-lab measurements in relevant in vivo models.

This evidence-backed approach allows the development of more effective and safer therapies, Annogen claims.

CEO of Annogen, Joris van Arensbergen commented: “Annogen has gained substantial experience identifying and developing promoters for in vivo gene therapy. We are very pleased to work with a company in this field that has managed to bring autologous cell therapy through to commercialisation in the US and Europe. Being a part of their programme will allow us to contribute to the safety and efficacy of certain pre-clinical therapies.”

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