Celonic opens Biologics Development Centre in Basel, Switzerland

Published: 19-Jun-2024

The centre expands the biologics CDMO's process intensification and perfusion capabilities and supports its German GMP manufacturing site

The Celtic Group has opened its “Next Generation” Biologics Development Centre and pilot plant in Basel, Switzerland.

The expansion will bolster the company’s ability to develop and optimise bioprocessing technologies such as process intensification and perfusion.


Optimising the scaling process

These technologies can dramatically cut the cost and risks of scaling up the production of therapeutic biologics, making them more affordable and accessible to those who need them.

According to the company, its “Next Generation” biomanufacturing capabilities support the entire product lifecycle — from the lab bench to market-scale production. 

The new Biologics Development Centre will work together with Celonic’s GMP manufacturing site in Heidelberg, Germany.

Samanta Cimitan, CEO of the Celonic Group, commented: “The cost and complexity of scaling a biologic from the lab bench poses a significant barrier to innovation. Celonic’s Biologics Development Centre expansion offers capabilities that significantly increase the amount of active ingredient produced, reducing the cost per gram of finished product.”


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