CordenPharma and Certest partner to showcase the potential of ionisable lipids in LNP formulation

Published: 6-Jun-2024

The agreement gives CordenPharma access to Certest's ionisable lipids platform, extending the company's ability to assist with the discovery, development and manufacturing of xRNA and xDNA

CordenPharma, a CDMO specialising in the manufacture of APIs and Certest, a development company focusing on LNPs and API synthesis, have signed a partnership agreement.

The deal adds ionisable lipids to CordenPharma’s LNP formulation services, allowing the company to offer assistance with the development, discovery and manufacturing of xRNA and xDNA from early clinical to commercialisation. 

The partnership also complements CordenPharma’s strategy to address targeting with peptide-decorated LNPs, as well as opportunities to enhance mRNA transfection with β-sitosterol.


The agreement

Under the terms of the agreement, Certest will provide access to its ionisable lipids platform and CordenPharma will leverage cGMP manufacturing capacities, regulatory knowledge and access to the market.

CordenPharma’s Senior Director of the Global Lipids & Carbohydrates Platform, Dr Matthieu Giraud, commented: “Many therapeutic domains can benefit from the newly introduced LNP formulation that proved to be successful during the pandemic. We aim to consider independently each of the four pillars of an LNP formulation — namely the lipid functional excipients — to provide our customers with the most effective support in solving their therapeutic formulation challenges. This partnership augments our offer with a lean and attractive approach to LNP formulation that also reduces the growing IP challenges in the market.”

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