Dickson achieves ISO 14001 certification

Published: 12-Apr-2024

ISO 14001 certification highlights a companies' long-term efforts to manage its environmental impact

Dickson, an organisation specialising in environmental monitoring, has announced its ISO 14001 certification.

ISO 14001 is a globally recognised standard, providing a framework for organisations to effectively manage their impacts and improve their environmental performance. To become certified, companies must establish, implement, maintain and improve their environmental corporate responsibility. 


Why ISO 14001?

By integrating environmental considerations into business operations, Dickson aim to create value and trust between clients and partners, reduce risks and show its reputability.

More than a competitive and financial advantage, ISO 14001 also demonstrates compliance with current and future regulatory requirements, encouraging better involvement of employees.


Enhancing sustainability practises

Dickson has been working to improve its environmental footprint by prioritising recycling across all locations, as well as shifting towards compact packaging. 

Additionally, its APAC facility will further enhance the company’s environmental performance by streamlining logistics and reducing carbon emissions. 

In its US offices, customers are encouraged to recycle their products at no cost. 

Engineering teams at Dickson have also benefitted from an eco-design training programme.

Mark Solar, Director of Compliance at Dickson, commented: “Achieving ISO 14001 certification marks a pivotal moment in Dickson’s journey towards environmental awareness. It validates our ongoing efforts to integrate sustainable practices into our business operations, and reflects our recent efforts. As we celebrate this milestone, we’re also exited by the opportunities it presents to further innovate and drive positive change within our organisation and beyond.”





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