Envirotainer releases annual sustainability report

Published: 3-Apr-2024

The sustainability report focuses on the long-term goals of the company, and what has been done to achieve them

Envirotainer, a specialist in temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical shipments, today released its Sustainability Report for 2023.

Envirotainer’s report recognises the challenges of achieving sustainability in the logistics sector, with the company’s strategy focusing on long term goals that will make the biggest overall impact. 

“Our journey towards sustainability is not about dramatic shifts, but the unwavering commitment to our values and long-term goals,” said David Simonsson, CEO of Envirotainer. “We believe that this approach will have the biggest impact for our company, our stakeholders and society. Our latest Sustainability Report captures this ethos. It highlights our industry leading dedication to sustainability at every level from operations to our entire value chain.” 

The report outlines Envirotainer’s wide-ranging sustainability efforts, including key insights, such as: 

  • The company successfully transported approximately 2 million doses of medicines and vaccines per day in 2023
  • The business achieved a 99.86% on-time delivery rate with no temperature deviations
  • Envirotainer as a group used 95% renewable electricity across its operations, with its Swedish production facilities fully powered by green energy 
  • Almost 100% of the company’s partner stations have voluntarily signed its 2023 Supplier Code of Conduct, showing a collective effort towards a sustainable supply chain 
  • Envirotainer was recognised as a Great Place to Work, scoring 84% overall and a 79% trust index, showcasing a supportive and inclusive work environment 
  • The company has achieved progress in gender diversity, with one-third of its leadership roles and 44% of its management group being women (compared to 22% in 2022). 


Collaboration is at the heart of Envirotainer’s approach to sustainability. Working closely with its partners and suppliers, the company has made significant commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  

“We believe that sustainability isn’t just something to be measured but a commitment to be lived. Our focus is on creating a meaningful and lasting impact. We are dedicated to making sure our efforts today lead to a healthier, more sustainable world tomorrow,” added Simonsson. 

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