Genezen enters licensing agreement with CSL for the Cytegrity stable lentivirus

Published: 22-Feb-2024

Licensing of a stable system for lentiviral vector production will offer immediate access to technology for stable and scalable clinical lentivirus production

Genezen, a cell and gene therapy Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO), today announced licensing of the Cytegrity proprietary ­­­­stable production system from biotechnology leader CSL.

Cytegrity is an inducible stable producer technology designed for the production of lentiviral vectors (LVVs). It allows for scalable and cost-effective generation of LVVs at clinically effective titers for both gene and cell therapies. 

Validated through early clinical testing, Cytegrity has demonstrated safety and efficacy. 

Lentiviral vectors are traditionally produced at limited scale using plasmid-based transient transfection technology. 

This stable lentiviral producer system is one of the first of its kind to offer continuous production from a stably transfected adherent or suspension cell line. 

This eliminates the need for costly plasmid, reduces process complexity, and allows for large-scale batch production, multiple harvests, and less batch-to-batch variability, thus significantly lowering production cost for Genezen's clients.

Steve Favaloro, President and CEO of Genezen, commented: "I am excited that Genezen is the first CDMO to license the Cytegrity cell line. Stable producer cell lines can be developed for clients in under four months, and this system will help alleviate the current global viral vector shortage by providing customers with a scalable, high quality vector platform. This licensing capability is a significant value-add for our current and future LVV customers, and furthers our collective mission to bring gene and cell therapies more efficiently to patients.”

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