Hovione debuts novel continuous tableting line in Lisbon R&D centre

Published: 20-Jun-2024

The continuous tableting line will process high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

Hovione, an integrated CDMO and spray drying and particle engineering specialist, has opened its continuous tableting (CT) line at its R&D centre in Lisbon, Portgugal.

The new line was provided by GEA through a partnership — which was announced in 2022. Their collaboration aims to bolster the adoption of continuous tableting by offering increased capacity, flexibility, improved quality, enhanced efficiency and the use of standardised equipment. 

Together, they have shown that continuous tableting can become a more accessible technology.


Showcasing continuous tableting 

This new R&D line is the only one of its kind in the world and offers throughput flexibility — being capable of handling potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

“With this new line, we will be able to optimise operating conditions with minimum amounts of API and provide a higher technical certainty when transferring from development to commercial scale”, said Jaime Del Campo, Head of R&D Services at Hovione.   

“The flexibility of the rig and the real-time process data monitoring capabilities contribute to a more agile design and upscaling experience.”

The new CT line at Hovione's Lisbon R&D centre is now fully operational and ready to support both existing and new projects.

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