ICROM and SPILLOproject empower drug development through their CDM and analytical services

Published: 22-May-2024

The collaboration between ICROM and SPILLOproject assists biopharma companies in reducing the attrition rate of their drug development process

The drug development process is a valuable challenge for improving human health, yet it is also complex, time-consuming and very expensive. The risk of failure — mainly due to efficacy and safety issues — affects all phases, with failures causing significant waste.

This means companies must be careful in their preparation of molecules to be studied, whilst focusing on novel strategies to maximise profitability.  

Questions like this need to be addressed in the process:

  • How can an adverse drug reaction (ADR) be predicted or avoided? 
  • How can the selectivity of molecules be determined to effectively prioritise them for subsequent phases of development? 
  • How can it be verified that a model organism accurately represents human characteristics? 
  • How can a new use be discovered for a molecule that failed in Phase III or is nearing patent expiration?


Analysis to enhance your drug development pipeline

To find a solution for these issues, SPILLOproject, an in silico service provider, has developed an exclusive physics-based technology that enables a rapid and efficient analysis of the entire structural proteome of humans, mice, rats and other organisms — which aims to discover the target and off-target proteins interacting with any given developmental molecule.

This is crucial for shedding light on the therapeutic effects of the molecule in question.

This method is unique as it operates through a flexible and unbiased identification of protein binding sites. This allows it to find targets which are currently elusive to existing methods.

The effectiveness of such an approach is substantiated by numerous studies, many of which have been documented in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Throughout every phase of drug development, SPILLOproject stands out as an ideal innovative partner; helping your business to decrease the attrition rate and boosting the return on investment (ROI) for biopharmaceutical companies.


Scaling production with a CDMO

To ensure success in the drug development journey, the contribution of another important and reliable partner is also crucial. To even consider commercialisation, your lead compound needs to be manufactured at a clinical scale in a way that complies with industry regulations.

A CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation) can help businesses accomplish this task. They can help to manage the chemical manufacturing control procedures which are necessary for companies to transition from clinical level production to commercial. 

ICROM is a CDMO that specialises in the development and Good Manufacturing Practises (GMP) of Active Ingredients. With a deep
understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, a diversified portfolio with global reach and an approach centered on the industry's needs, ICROM is the partner of choice for pharmaceutical outsourcing.

The company is capable of providing a wide range of tailored services, including custom development and commercial manufacturing of tricky molecules for complex formulations.

ICROM and SPILLOproject have joined forces to simplify this complex journey, combining their expertise in one place to provide biopharmaceutical companies with a tailored, outsourced solution to manage their new projects. 


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