John Patton, Head of Kindeva's Scientific Advisory Board, named winner of Charles G. Thiel award

RDD Conference’s

At the recent Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) Conference, John Patton, biotechnology scientist and entrepreneur and Head of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) for Kindeva Drug Delivery, was announced as the winner of the Charles G. Thiel Award.

This prestigious award is given once every two years at RDD Conferences to one scientist who has been voted by his or her peers to have pioneered significant developments in one or more aspects of the science and technology surrounding respiratory drug delivery.

Patton has been one of the most influential scientists in the field of respiratory drug delivery and is a champion in the field of pulmonary delivery of large molecules and biologics. He has published more than 100 publications, has more than 40 patents, and has founded or co-founded six drug delivery companies, including iPharma Labs, a company that Kindeva acquired in 2022.

“John’s research and development expertise, coupled with the myriad of publications he's authored, have helped pave the way for respiratory delivery to be utilised by researchers and companies for the treatment of other diseases,” said Kindeva’s Global Chief Commercial Officer, David Stevens.

“John has made and continues to make a tremendous contribution to both Kindeva and the wider industry. On behalf of all his colleagues at Kindeva, we congratulate John. It's a privilege to work alongside him and benefit from his technical vision and boundless enthusiasm for inhaled medicine.”

Kindeva’s application in inhaled biologics spans complex therapeutic treatments from local to deep lung (systemic) delivery — including lung fibrosis, asthma/COPD, cardiovascular, and infectious diseases — and encompasses a wealth of expertise in developing solutions that address insulin needs, cold chain requirements and more.

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