KORSCH opens Innovation Centre in Massachusetts

Published: 15-Feb-2024

The facility will host training programmes, compression trials, simulation technology and troubleshooting

The US subsidiary of KORSCH AG, a company specialising in tablet press technology, has opened an Innovation Centre at its headquarters facility in the Boston suburb of South Easton, MA.

Concurrently, the company has appointed experienced tablet industry expert Dr. James Stephens to manage the site’s key operations.

KORSCH America’s Innovation Centre will have multiple missions, from advancing industry education and tableting best practices to assisting customers with formulation and troubleshooting. 

Technical training programmes will help existing and potential customers learn how to maximise prominent KORSCH manufacturing technologies, while an array of tableting simulators, scale-up models and full-scale production tablet presses provide insight into optimised product formulations and equipment configurations. 

KORSCH’s compaction simulator technologies will be on full display at the centre. 

The facility’s team of process experts can help streamline even the most complicated formulation efforts and leverage compaction simulation to characterise materials efficiently using minimal quantities. 

Troubleshooting common customer process issues also will be emphasised, including an innovative capability to predict and test a range of press tool coatings to address tablet picking and sticking defects often experienced with difficult formulations.

 Chosen to oversee the centre is tablet industry and materials research veteran Dr. James Stephens, who initially joined KORSCH America in September.

His purview will include equipment demonstrations, product trials, process optimisation and advanced training. 

Dr. Stephens will collaborate closely with teams from the KORSCH AG Innovation Centre in Berlin and the Science Lab at MEDELPLHARM, a KORSCH subsidiary and innovator of the STYL’One compaction simulator technology, based in Lyon, France.

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