Neopac wins Ted Klein ‘Tube of the Year’ award

Published: 19-Jun-2024

The company received two awards to celebrate its innovations in pharmaceutical tube packaging

Neopac, a global provider packaging and dosing applications for pharma, has received the Tube Council’s Ted Klein Tube of the Year Award — along with a Gold Award in the pharmaceutical category — for a tube design it uses for its pain relief product, Icy Hot.

The awards acknowledge achievements and innovations in tube packaging design and technology, and were announced at the membership awards dinner in May.

Polyfoil tubing for optimal user experience 

The company received distinctions for its Polyfoil tube. With a 0.5 wall thickness, the tube guarantees protection, consistent barrier properties and flexibility, according to Neopac.

Engineered for a ‘no mess’ application, the tube’s easy grip dispensing system ensures a clean, controlled application process; optimising product consumption and enhancing user convenience. 

Sales Director North America at Neopac, Keisha Broadway, commented: “These accolades highlight our commitment to quality and excellence and are a testament to our team’s continuous efforts in advancing tube innovation.”


The Tube Council

The Tube Council is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing educational resources, information and networking opportunities to professionals within the tube industry. 

Each year, the organisation recognises the best and most innovative squeeze tubes in the industry by market category. This year, 55 entries were submitted.

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