Shimadzu’s new Nexera XS inert UHPLC

Published: 19-Feb-2024

The Nexera XS inert achieves reduced sample loss and excellent peak shape with reproducibly high sensitivity, high-quality and reliable data

Nexera XS inert is a bioinert and biocompatible Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (UHPLC) from Shimadzu. 

The system has been designed to resolve the most common problems encountered in the analysis of biopharmaceuticals, such as the adsorption of target molecules to metal surfaces and corrosion due to mobile phases with high salt content and extreme pH conditions.

The new Nexera XS inert UHPLC features a metal-free sample flow path that prevents unwanted interaction with biopolymers prone to adsorption onto exposed metal sites. 

In addition, all wetted surfaces are prepared from corrosion-resistant materials, rendering them stable against mobile phase solvents containing high concentrations of salts or acids.

Nexera XS inert offers the same superior reliability, robustness and expandability as the other UHPLC systems in the Nexera series. It is particularly well-suited to the analysis of biopolymers such as antibodies, peptides and nucleic acid drugs.

All valves used in Nexera XS inert system are designed to inhibit metal adsorption. This ensures worry-free switching between multiple columns for method development or for trap-and-elute analysis without adsorption concerns.

The Nexera XS inert is also equipped with additional new and advanced product features, such as bioinert column switching, tool-free UHPLC connectors and a real-time pH monitor.

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