TerraCycle launches BlisterBack solution to increase medicine blister pack recycling

Published: 16-May-2024

The initiative allows the collection and recycling of medicine blister packs, which would otherwise end up in landfill

TerraCycle, a company involved in promoting recycling to a global audience, has launched TerraCycle BlisterBack, a UK solution for the health industry that reduces the incineration of blister packs, as well as stopping them for ending up in landfill.

Medicine blister packs are made of a complex mix of difficult-to-recycle materials required to protect medicines, including plastic and aluminium foil. This makes them complex and therefore costly to recycle. Ultimately, the recycled material is worth less than the recycling process costs, so it is not economically viable for local authorities to collect or recycle them via kerbside collections.


Enhancing UK blister package recycling capabilities

There are important retailer-led initiatives in the UK that already enable the recycling of empty medicine blister packs via selected stores. To go even further and bring more visibility to these initiatives, TerraCycle has developed TerraCycle BlisterBack.

This solution brings together the many parties with an interest in recycling empty medicine blister packs, to join forces and offer consumers unprecedented access to recycle empty medicine blister packs.

Julien Tremblin, General Manager, TerraCycle Europe, commented: “TerraCycle has been recycling empty blister packs in the UK for years, launching our first solutions in 2018 and since then, we have collected and recycled more than 75 million blister packs at hundreds of locations around the UK. TerraCycle BlisterBack has a simple premise, in that we are encouraging big pharmacy chains, independent pharmacies at a local level, GP practices, local councils and more to come together to fund and offer access to the recycling of empty medicine blister packs for their stores, locations, local communities and customers or residents."

We aim to develop a growing and robust nationwide network of drop-off points over the coming months and years so people across the UK have somewhere to take their empty medicine blister packs to be recycled.” 


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