A newly created automatic vial format change system for freeze-drying loading and unloading processes

Published: 16-Jun-2022

This innovative development allows for the reduction of manual operations inside the aseptic area while contributing to reduce risks during pharmaceutical processing

Under the name of Smart Format, the new system allows for the transportation of vials using a mobile platform that is configured to fit a wide range of vial sizes during the freeze-drying loading and unloading process.

Developed by Telstar, Smart Format facilitates the reduction of manual operations inside the aseptic area, while contributing to remove risks of cross-contamination in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

Multiple formats that must be manually changed can now be replaced by one unique solution designed to automatically adapt to the vial diameter without the need to disrupt the isolation process, while assuring the sterility level without repeating cleaning or decontamination processes of the transport system for each different format.

The invention is designed to adjust the conveyor width to the vial size in an automatic manner, during its movement on the loading/unloading conveyor.

This system is made up of different modules that interact and connect various blocks of transition, straight sections, and corners that can be combined in any possible way to form a complete loading and unloading line.

With a setting range between 2R and 100R, the Smart Format system acts with precision. Based on a mechanism that transforms the rotary movement into a linear motion, actuators and the guiding system are mounted below the conveyor structure. It is an easily cleanable and sterilizable system, without bellows.

Designed to preserve the integrity of the product under aseptic conditions, the new Smart Format responds to the new standards of good manufacturing practices on sterile medicines production demanded by the last version of the EU GMP Annex 1.

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