Airnov introduces Oxynov barrier bottle brand

Published: 17-Dec-2020

The bottles come in a range of sizes from 40cc to 400cc

Airnov Healthcare Packaging is introducing the Oxynov brand. Applicable for high protective barrier bottles, Oxynov is designed to offer protection for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and probiotic products. The barrier bottles utilise extrusion-blow-molding technology, creating a 6-layer bottle with ethylene vinyl alcohol which the company claims offers the highest barrier to oxygen and moisture available on the market for this packaging category. Oxynov bottles are rigid containers to be used on automated filling lines, and do not shrink when bottles are used in conjunction with oxygen absorbers.

It’s the latest brand in Airnov’s oxygen protective solutions which, when combined with oxygen absorbers, enables manufacturers avoid the degradation of oxygen sensitive products such as drugs, proteins or probiotics.

“After introducing our new company name in February this year we are continuing to update and evolve some Airnov category products to grow our core business of healthcare packaging solutions. It’s been a wonderful journey along this process to create Oxynov,” said Stephane Rault, global product line manager. “Customers will now recognize our oxygen protective solutions through our new Oxynov brand, dedicated to oxygen protective solutions.”

Oxynov also reportedly protects from moisture and UV. The bottles are delivered to customers in aluminium bags resulting in a 2-year shelf-life, are compliant with SP-400 regulation and may be used with standard screw cap and child resistant closures as well as US FDA, EU regulations and USP 38/NF 33 supplement 1<671>.

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