Almost indestructible lab ware made of high-performance plastics - from BOLA

Published: 3-May-2024

Fluoroplastics such as PTFE offer unique properties such as universal chemical resistance, near indestructibility, ease of cleaning, potential to be sterilised - making them ideal for the work in the lab

BOLA stands for well-proven, sophisticated and nearly indestructible labware made of high-performance plastics. Developed by specialists, manufactured in-house with accuracy and attention to detail.

BOLA thoroughly control the quality of the raw materials, production is exclusively carried out by experienced and qualified staff at headquarters in Grünsfeld, Southern Germany.


Available from Labtex in the UK, BOLA offers a modular construction system with many different components with GL threads.

The GL thread is the most common thread on lab equipment made of glass. BOLA offers a modular construction system with many different components.

All components can be combined and thus allow an easy transition from glass to plastic accessories. Using BOLA Laboratory Screw Joints you can simply connect tubes or tubing made of glass, metal or plastics directly to GL threaded sockets.

Advantages at a glance:

• Easily screwable without any tooling
• Optionally extensible
• Independent from tubing diameters
• Compatible with glass equipment with GL thread
• Many creative possibilities
• No determination at the beginning of assembly
• Good thermal resistance and are suitable for high temperatures up to +250 °C.


The BOLA GL Screw Joint System offers more opportunities than only joining tubes/tubing. The GL thread offers unlimited combinations of the different components and allows to create complete equipment. Furthermore, all assembled equipment is compatible with standard glass
components and expandable at any time.

Download the full BOLA catalogue here.

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