Applications published 2 January 2008

Published: 7-Jan-2009

• Charged lipoprotein complexes and their uses
Cerenis Therapeutics 1871341*

• A novel inter and intra multilamellar vesicular compsn
Lifecare Innovations 1871342*

• Micelle compsn of polymer and passenger drug
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation 1871343*

• Inhalable drug
Nanomaterials Technology 1871344*

• Nanoparticulate quinazoline derivative formulations
Elan Pharma International 1871345*

• Pharmaceutical compsn containing sibutramine free base and manufacturing method thereof
CTC Bio 1871346*

• Pharmaceutical compsn
Smithkline Beecham 1871347*

• Sustained release pharmaceutical compsns
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries 1871348*

• Quaternary ammonium halides for treatment of infectious conditions
Nanobio 1871349*

• Methods of increasing natural killer cell activity for therapy
Synta Pharmaceutical 1871350*

• Compsns and their uses directed acetyl-CoA carboxylases
Isis Pharmaceuticals 1871351*

• Treatment of cytokine dysregulation by using SN-2 gamma-linolenoyl, gamma-dihomolinolenoyl or arachidonoyl fatty acid glycerol monoesters
BTG International 1871352*

• Vitamin K for prevention and treatment of skin rash secondary to anti-EGFR therapy
Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University 1871353*

• Treatment of pain
Wyeth 1871354*

• New therapeutic combinations for the treatment or prevention of depression
Wyeth 1871355*

• Dihydrobenzofuran derivatives and uses thereof
Wyeth 1871356*

• Substituted benzylamines as CYP2A inhibitors and uses thereof to treat nicotine dependence
Inflazyme Pharmaceuticals 1871357*

• Benzofuran alkanamine derivatives and uses thereof as 5-HT2C agonists
Wyeth 1871358*

• Delaying the ageing process and disorders caused by ageing
Sabovic, Miso 1871359*

• New anti-inflammatory compounds
CTG Pharma 1871360*

• Combination therapy for the treatment of obesity and diabetes and conditions related thereto and for the treatment of conditions ameliorated by increasing a blood GLP-1 level
Arena Pharmaceuticals 1871362*

• Combined-step process for pharmaceutical compsns
Genpharm 1871363*

• Methods for treating or preventing acute myelogenous leukemia
Signal Pharmaceuticals 1871365*

• Methods for treating diseases through inhibition of the function of molecular chaperones such as protein disulphide isomerases, pharmaceutical compsns comprising them, and screening methods for identifying therapeutic agents
Romark Laboratories 1871366*

• Drug delivery systems for treatment of diseases or conditions
Macusight 1871367*

• Compounds for treating inflammatory and demyelinating diseases
Xanthus Pharmaceuticals 1871368*

• Dihydropyridine compounds for neurodegenerative diseases and dementia
Eisai 1871369*

• Dihydropyridine compounds and compsns for headaches
Eisai 1871369*

• Antibacterial compounds and uses thereof
Pinnacle Pharmaceuticals 1871370*

• Use of an epidermal growth factor receptor kinase inhibitor (EGRF) in GEGITINIB resistant patients
Wyeth 1871371*

• Combination therapy comprising as N-type calcium channel blocker for the alleviation of pain
Neuromed Pharmaceuticals 1871372*

• Piperazinyl substituted cyclohexane 1,4-diamines
Janssen Pharmaceutica 1871373*

• 2,3-substituted pyrazine sulphonamides as inhibitors of CRTH2
Laboratoires Serono 1871374*

• Carboline derivatives useful in the treatment of cancer
PCT Therapeutics 1871375*

• Inhibitors of AKT activity
Merck 1871376*

• 2,4-diamino-pyridopyrimidine derivatives and their use as MTOR inhibitors
Kudos Pharmaceuticals 1871377*

• Uses of 2-phenyl-substituted imidazotriazinone derivatives for treating pulmonary hypertension
Bayer Healthcare 1871378*

• Cyanoarylamines
SmithKline Beecham 1871379*

• Combined use of prostaglandin compound and proton pump inhibitor for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
Sucampo 1871380*

• Therapeutic substituted cyclopentanones
Allergan 1871381*

• Methods for the treatment of central nervous system injury via a tapered administration of progesterone
Emory University 1871382*

• Device and methods for treating paranasal sinus conditions
Sinexus 1871383*

• Pharmaceutical delivery systems for hydrophobic drugs and compsns comprising same
Clarus Therapeutics 1871384*

• Methods for treating visual disorders
Regents of the University of Minnesota 1871385*

• Treatment, prevention and amelioration of pulmonary disorders associated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy with active vitamin D compounds or mimics thereof
Novacea 1871386*

• Intravenous formulations of pyridoxal 5’-phosphate and method of preparation
Medicure International 1871387*

• Methods of ficiation from oxidative stress
Trustees of Boston University 1871388*

• Skin enrichment using COQ10 as the delivery system
Zymes 1871389*

• Endogenous retrovirus and proteins econded by ENV as a target for cancer treatment
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique; Institut Gustave Roussy; Université Paris Sud 1871391*

• Modulating angiogenesis with NOD factors such as glucosamine ilogosaccharides
Parish, Christopher; Djordjevic, Michael; Rolfe, Barry; Gresshoff, Peter 1871392*

• Acarbose methods and formulations for treating chronic constipation
AGI Therapeutics Research 1871393*

• Anti-inflammatory and/or analgesic compsn for the intestine comprising branched maltodextrins
Roquette Freres 1871394*

• Garlic extract and chitosan compsns, and use thereof
Université Laval 1871395*

• Stabilised pharmaceutical compsns comprising an HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor
Orbus Pharma 1871396*

• Health-related liquid compsns comprising glycosylaminoglycan
Cargill 1871397*

• Use of a biological active blood serum for the treatment of stroke
Owen Holding 1871398*

• Use of lecithin as a medicament for treating psoriasis
SC Diophar 1871399*

• Uronic acid and probiotics
NV Nutricia 1871400*

• Use of lactobacillus rhamnosus GG for the treatment, prevention or reduction of systemic inflammation in a formula-fed infant
Bristol-Myers Squibb 1871401*

• Fruit cell culture extract for treating inflammation
State of Israel, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development 1871402*

• Compsns and methods for the control, prevention and treatment of obesity and eating disorders
Amylin Pharmaceuticals 1871403*

• Treatment of asthma
ImmuneRegen BioSciences 1871404*

• Use of RIP in treating staphylococcus aureus infections
Balaban, Naomi 1871405*

• Treatment of EGFR dependent tumours by abin (A20-binding inhibitor of NF KAPPAB)
VIB vzw; Universiteit Gent; Vrije Universiteit Brussel 1871406*

• Compsns comprising WNT-3 peptide for modulating medial-lateral neuronal topographic maps
The University of Chicago 1871407*

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