Ashland to expand capacity for Klucel tablet binding and coating product

Published: 7-Aug-2014

To meet growing customer demand in applications for pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements

Ashland Specialty Ingredients, a division of US specialist chemical company Ashland, is to 'significantly expand production capacity' of its Klucel hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC) product line in Hopewell, Virginia.

No further details were released except that the expansion should start production in the second half of 2016.

Klucel HPC is a tablet binder and coating ingredient used in pharmaceutical applications and dietary supplements worldwide.

'Ashland is committed to the overall pharmaceutical market and has made a number of sizeable investments over the past two years to strengthen our position,' said David Neuberger, Vice President, Pharmaceutical Specialties, Ashland Specialty Ingredients.

These investments have included the opening of a pharmaceutical centre of excellence in Hyderabad, India earlier this year; the pending expansion of the company’s technical capabilities in Wilmington, Delaware; and the Polyplasdone crospovidone expansion in Texas City, Texas.

Ashland Specialty Ingredients offers products, technologies and resources for solving formulation and product-performance challenges. The company uses natural, synthetic and semisynthetic polymers derived from plant and seed extract, cellulose ethers and vinyl pyrrolidones, as well as acrylic and polyurethane-based adhesives for consumer and industrial applications.

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