Since inception in 1999, Asymchem has been positioned and structured to act as a true partner for pharmaceutical and biotech companies by offering integrated solutions across all stages of drug development and into commercialisation.

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Today Asymchem is a leading contract manufacturer comprising eight manufacturing facilities in China and a fully staffed U.S. operations centre in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Our staff of 9000 employees include more than 4,900 scientists engaged in innovative research and process.

Asymchem’s breadth of capabilities spans conventional batch manufacturing, and we are a world leader in green chemistry. Our scientists excel in the creation and manufacture of enzymes for use in bio-catalysis, and the development of practical continuous flow technologies for commercialisation. In addition to strong supply chain relationships, Asymchem maintains a dedicated facility for the in-house production of raw materials and regulatory starting materials to better control quality, costs and lead times.

Asymchem has partnered with more than 400 clients across the globe, and is currently involved in more than 600 ongoing clinical projects and 30 commercial projects. We have a consistently demonstrated ability to meet project deadlines and achieve commercialisation success, while exemplifying the long-term financial stability critical to project continuity and achievement. Our work has frequently won us “most valuable partner” and “strategic partner” recognition from major pharma and leading biotech companies.

Asymchem maintains an impeccable quality record and positive regulatory and environmental compliance history, with 30 successful USFDA, NMPA, TGA, MFDS inspections. Projects are handled at high standards of safety and environmental responsibility.


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