At INTERPHEX, Antares Vision Group to showcase automatic inspection machines for vials, prefilled syringes and other small-volume containers

Published: 14-Feb-2024

Company also will emphasise its recently launched DIAMIND ecosystem, a portfolio of interconnected software and hardware systems for comprehensive traceability

Antares Vision Group – a technological partner in digitalisation of products and supply chains for companies and institutions, and leader in traceability and inspection for quality control – will showcase a variety of its latest, state-of-the-art inspection equipment at INTERPHEX NYC, April 16-18. At Booth 2821, the company also will emphasise its recently launched DIAMIND, a series of interconnected software and hardware systems providing physical products with the digital identities necessary to meet traceability mandates and streamline production and supply chain operations.

Among the DIAMIND Line solutions showcased at INTERPHEX will be an automatic visual inspection machine for prefilled syringes. Antares Vision Group’s Visual Rotating Inspection (VRI) unit can handle up to 400 pieces per minute. The module can process SVP glass and plastic prefilled syringes up to 24mm in diameter, and inspect liquids with a wide range of viscosities – from water-like products to emulsions and gels. Like each of the company’s VRI systems, an additional camera mounted on a secondary carousel yields 100% inspection of the syringe surface. Fast, smooth single-point handling minimises the risk of product breakages and scratches, thanks to individually motorised grippers and guideless conveying with vacuum- operated starwheels.

Antares Vision Group also specialises in precise, high-speed vial inspection. At INTERPHEX, the company will showcase a module from its Visual Rotating Inspection (VRI) series capable of inspecting up to 400 liquid-filled glass containers per minute. The machine combines sophisticated particle and cosmetic detection with technology-driven closure integrity verification at an exceptionally rapid production pace. The VRI unit can inspect liquids in a wide variety of viscosities, including water-like, oily, suspension, gel, emulsion, lyophilised, and powder products. Vials are also inspected for cosmetic defects such as crimping quality, flip-off colour, neck-shoulder sidewalls, and stopper position. Molded glass and plastic containers also can be inspected.

Antares Vision Group will also display its CT, which automatically inspects vials and cartridges at speeds up to 200 pieces per minute. The unit is designed for accurate cosmetic and particle detection of small-volume containers up to 36mm in diameter. Compact and reliable, the CT features three stations for particle inspection equipped with both backlight and bottom light, and is configurable for reflecting and non-reflecting particles. Optional inspection stations include tip/cap and vial sealing, as well as CCIT high voltage leak detection.

DIAMIND integrated ecosystem for comprehensive production management

Also, at INTERPHEX, traceability experts from Antares Vision Group will be on hand to discuss the company’s recently launched DIAMIND, an integrated ecosystem of solutions offering holistic transparency, production optimisation and supply chain streamlining. DIAMIND operates at the line, factory, warehouse, enterprise, and supply chain levels, guaranteeing everything from product quality through sophisticated inspection systems to end-to-end traceability via integrated, cloud-based data management.

DIAMIND’s integrated setup provides a single reference point for substantially simplified project management and centralised support services. The result Is heightened and interconnected quality assurance extending from raw materials and line production to warehouses, store shelves, and end users. All totaled, DIAMIND comprises multiple production and supply chain suites, making them applicable to manufacturers, distributors, wholesales and even government organisations.

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