BASF introduces Kollicoat IR

Published: 31-Jul-2015

Wet binder for peroxide-sensitive active pharmaceutical ingredient formulations

BASF offers a new, wet binding solution for the formulation of peroxide-sensitive active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs): Kollicoat IR.

Kollicoat IR is widely used and is a well-known instant release coating polymer in the global pharmaceutical industry. Designed to avoid peroxide formation, Kollicoat IR has successfully proven its capability as a powerful tablet binder in various commercial products by combining strong binding performance with easy processing.

Its binding capacity matches that of polyvinylpyrollidone (PVP) and is superior to a variety of other binders on the market. Furthermore, its low viscosity makes it very easy to process and, unlike many alternative binders on the market, Kollicoat IR does not form peroxides at any time, even after contact with air.

This combination of characteristics provides new possibilities in the formulation of peroxide-sensitive APIs and also provides significant design space for the lifecycle management of existing drugs.

BASF’s high quality ingredients and services can help with applications such as

  • instant and modified release: a diverse range of functional excipients for use in multiple dosage forms and release profiles
  • solubilisation: products and technologies that help to solve the toughest challenges for poorly soluble drugs
  • softgels: a comprehensive portfolio combining APIs and a full range of excipients to tackle challenges with softgel applications
  • skin delivery: skin delivery formulations and ingredient expertise to help solve dermal delivery challenges.

With its expertise in polymer chemistry, its research and development capabilities and the company’s clear commitment to developing excipients, BASF continuously creates solutions that contribute to its customers’ success and to more effective pharmaceuticals.

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