Big names announced for leading Pharma and Cleanroom conference

Published: 27-Oct-2020

The Cleanroom Technology Conference and Manufacturing Chemist Live collaboration will take place on the 10-11 November. Delegate tickets are currently available

Find out more about the Cleanroom Technology Conference and Manufacturing Chemist Live agendas and purchase your tickets today.

The event, taking place online on 10-11 November will bring together industry leaders and experts to provide delegates with cutting-edge content, unlimited access to digital presentations and virtual exhibition and networking opportunities.

The presentations will explore the cleanroom, contamination control and pharmaceutical industries through case studies, interviews, research papers and findings through global market leaders from the biggest names in the industries.

A match made in heaven

The unique partnership will allow delegates to opt into both agendas of the similar industries and discover further afield industry guidance, technology and updates.

The pharma stream will incorporate the latest findings and trends in pharmaceutical processing with a focus on manufacturing and Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPIs).

Big names announced for leading Pharma and Cleanroom conference

Cleanroom Regulations, Standards and Microbiological Monitoring

This year delegates will see many new faces joining the virtual conference, as well as familiar exhibitors and experts joining our virtual exhibition space.

With more speakers than ever, delegates will have the freedom to roam the event site between the two agendas to bookmark sessions of interest, exhibitors and browse the marketplace for products and services.

Joining from STERIS for the first topic of Cleanroom Technology, will be Jim Polarine Jr. MA. Jim will draw on his expertise in cleanroom cleaning and will be discussing the often disputed questions around the challenges of disinfectant validation and methods to circumvent them.

Having published several PDA book chapters and articles related to cleaning and disinfection and contamination control, Jim will provide the latest trends and findings for delegates to apply.

In addition, Contec’s European Marketing Manager, Karen Rossington, will address disinfectant residues in relation to GMP Annex 1, which only recently,underwent a comprehensive update.

Dr Alicia Henn, BioSperix, will be providing expert guidance on microbial risks in cleanrooms through different approaches.

Whilst a familiar face to the Cleanroom Technology conferences in the past, Gordon Farquharson, will be discussing the ever-evolving ISO Cleanroom standards and the role of the BSI Standards committee.

Which avenues will you explore to control the physical environment without using toxic microbiocides?

Alan Sweeney, Camfil’s expert in Hepa Filters, will similarly speak about the process of efficient and contained filtration, its effect on cleanrooms, and how to obtain the lowest TCO on HEPA filters.

Discussing microbiology and monitoring, speakers Andrew Davies (Microgenetics), Michael Arthur (Wickham Labs) and Tony Harrison (Beckman Coulter) will be exclusively joining us to share their updates and views on the importance of cleanroom manufacturing, making the most of your data and data integrity and routine environmental monitoring.

Day one will suitably end on expectations of the future of monitoring cleanrooms and laboratories with Sam Armer from Connect 2 Cleanrooms.

Big names announced for leading Pharma and Cleanroom conference

Cleanroom Design and Operations

Guardtech’s CEO, Mark Wheeler, will kick off the design and operations sessions. He will be discussing design, operations and installation of bespoke cleanroom’s and laboratories, so it will be interesting to hear the advances in controlled spaces in response to the rise of COVID-19.

Lee Harvey from Asgard will dispute the often questionable topic of using new construction techniques over traditional techniques and what the benefits and considerations for a new design approach may entail. What approach would be suited to your cleanroom?

David Keen, Ecolab/Pharmig, will discuss sterilization in the cleanroom, with a specific focus on disinfectants. Whilst Walid El Azab will interest delegates with experience and knowledge in Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) and methods of overcoming the challenges in the contamination control environment.

Commissioning, verification and testing; a key component on the operational success of a cleanroom will be addressed by owner of Validair, Stephen Ward, to discuss the latest technologies of important cleanroom components such as particle monitoring, alarm systems and equipment supplies.

As the industry faces another shift regarding RABS and isolators replacing traditional cleanrooms, the industry has found itself divided. Matthias Angelmaier, Syntegon will settle the dispute once and for all and explore the benefits for the future.

The Cleanroom agenda will close with the incredibly important topic of cleanroom energy, carbon reduction and sustainability through the use of Air Filtration as discussed by Sean O’reilly from AAF. Keith Beattie, Director at EECO2 will close the event by delivering sustainable options in Pharmaceutical HVAC systems and GMP compliance.

Big names announced for leading Pharma and Cleanroom conference

Find out more about the Cleanroom Technology Conference and Manufacturing Chemist Live agendas and purchase your tickets today.

HPAPI processing will take centre stage during the Pharma stream

As the pharmaceutical industry is shifting with the increased use of HPAPIs, Manufacturing Chemist Live emerges at an iconic time.

Justin Mason-Home from HPAPI Project Services, will open the pharmaceutical stream with a discussion on compliance in HPAPI production for occupational health and compliance. This suitably leads on to NSF’s Thurlock O’Criodain, who will shed light on risk assessment, specifically in API’s.

During the afternoon, delegates will be presented with global market leaders, including Frederique Bordes-Picard from France (Lonza/Capsugel), Stefano Butti from Italy (FPS), Rajeev Dattani (Freeman Technology) from the UK, Anil patni from India (Dr Reddy’s) and Youchu Wang, VP of WuXi STA in Shanghai.

Dave Palmer, Micropore, will follow, discussing the emulsification of membranes, by exploring manufacturing in labs using membrane emulsification technology.

The global perspective, suitable for the nature of Manufacturing Chemist Live will provide delegates with exceptional knowledge and expertise on an international scale, allowing delegates to comprehend a wider scope of the HPAPI industry.

Big names announced for leading Pharma and Cleanroom conference

What’s next in Pharma operations?

On day two, the pharma stream will evaluate the operations perspective of HPAPI processing and optimisation.

David O’Connell, Director of PCI Pharma Services, will explore the safe and effective containment of APIs in GMP approved environments..

O'Connell will draw upon his industry experience to provide delegates, who are looking to expand their operations, with guidance in facility and containment design.

A key point that will be explored in this session is understanding the safety measures and standards for API containment.

Merck will join the conference in the afternoon to look at risk mitigation in HPAPI and API development by discussing evolving containment requirements with Randall Berger, API Portfolio Manager in Madison, Wisconsin.

Discussing end strategies of API and HPAPI management, Christopher Harrison, Catalent will shed light on overcoming scale-up issues in commercialisation. WhilstSam Brogan,Sterling Pharma Solutions will discuss practical guidance for technology transfer and migrating to a new facility.

And finally, ending the action-packed, two-day conference on a high, Manufacturing Chemist Live 2020 will end on the future prospects of HPAPIs with Apex Molecular’s CEO, Dr Stuart Brown, expert in drug discovery, biotechnology, organic chemistry and life sciences.

Unlimited digital access for all delegates

Two-day delegates will have unlimited access to the online presentations for three months following the conference to enable cascading of information as well as making full use of the fantastic agenda we have lined up.

Purchase your delegate ticket and join us for an action-packed and socially distanced virtual conference this November.

Discover the Cleanroom Technology Conference and Manufacturing Chemist Live agendas.

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