BioIVT acquires Optivia Biotechnology

Published: 13-Jul-2018

The acquisition strengthens BioIVT’s transporter sciences capabilities and will enable it to partner with customers on new drug applications and mechanistic studies related to transporters

BioIVT, a provider of research models and services for drug development, has acquired Santa Clara, CA-based Optivia Biotechnology and its comprehensive portfolio of transporter assays, multi-transporter models, transporter systems biology, and molecular transport research solutions.

“BioIVT is partnering with biopharmaceutical customers not just on single projects but on their entire R&D pipeline. We continue to build and enhance our product and research service capabilities to become the partner of choice for our clients and the industry experts in specialty application areas,” said Jeffrey Gatz CEO BioIVT.

“We are delighted that Optivia is joining BioIVT as we position to become the world leader in transporter sciences. Optivia will be an important addition to BioIVT’s leading ADME-Toxicology model systems franchise, complementing the capabilities of our recent acquisitions of Qualyst Transporter Solutions and Ascendance Biotechnology.”

“We share BioIVT’s passion, energy and vision for becoming pharma’s optimal specialty outsourced drug discovery and development partner,” said Dr Yong Huang President and CEO, Optivia Founder.

“We look forward to joining BioIVT and being able to offer our customers a broader range of products and services but with the same high quality, attention to detail, and excellent customer service that they have learned to expect from Optivia.”

Transport proteins (transporters) govern drug uptake and disposition, and hence drug concentration, in the blood and vital organs such as the liver, kidney, heart, lungs, and brain. As a result, transporter effects are evaluated early in the lead candidate selection and optimisation process in drug R&D programmes.

Underscoring their important role in drug safety testing, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European Medicines Agency (EMA), and Japanese Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) request that in vitro studies be conducted on nine specific transporters for drug-drug interaction (DDI) assessment and drug labelling.

BioIVT’s portfolio now includes all of Optivia’s products, including its Opti-Expression technology, Opti-Target, Opti-DDI and Opti-ADME Transporter Services Panels, as well as its TransFlex Single Transporter and Multi-Transporter Assay Plates.

Optivia’s Opti-Expression technology allows rapid, robust and consistent expression of various transporters in polarised mammalian cell monolayers with much greater scalability and flexibility than is possible with stably transfected cell lines.

Optivia’s Opti-Target Transporter Services Panel consists of a wide variety of validated and novel transporter targets implicated in diseases, toxicity, and tissue targeting.

The company’s Opti-DDI Transporter Services Panel enables FDA, EMA and PMDA compliant transporter DDI studies to be conducted.

Its Opti-ADME Transporter Services Panel consists of major transporters that affect ADME properties of a variety of drugs. Studying them provides a better understanding of drug bioavailability, tissue distribution, excretion and inter-individual variability in drug responses.

Optivia’s staff will join BioIVT’s PHASEZERO Research Services team and provide a full range of transporter services, including screening studies for lead discovery and optimisation, profiling and mechanism of action studies for lead selection, and other studies to support regulatory submissions.

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