Compact process thermostat for efficient temperature control in the lab

Published: 30-Apr-2024

The Petite Fleur allows for laboratory reactor temperature control between -40 °C to +200 °C with a 480W refrigeration capacity

The Huber Petite Fleur models are the smallest dynamic temperature control systems in the Unistat range. They are designed for highly accurate temperature control of small research reactors. 

The models are able to reach operating temperatures of -40 °C to +200 °C and offer a refrigeration capacity of 480 W (with full pump capacity acc. to DIN 12876). 

With a capacity of up to 25 L per minute, the circulation pump provides for optimum heat transmission. Delicate glass reactors are protected from damage with the soft start-up, and changes in the viscosity within the fluid circuit are compensated for.

The Petite Fleur is equipped with the brilliant 5.7” touchscreen controller Pilot ONE, meaning that it’s able to perform all the functions required for demanding temperature control. 

To demonstrate the performance of the Unistat range over 200 case studies have been carried out. They show the Unistat’s unique ability to adapt to process requirements, offering precise stability and control.





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