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Bachiller is a Spanish company founded on 1967, dedicated to the design and construction of process equipment and pressure vessels for various industry sectors such as petrochemicals, energy, oil and gas, chemical and fine chemical, pharmacy, cosmetics and food.


In Bachiller we are specialized in providing the best technology for our customers in four specialized lines of work: process equipment, pressure vessels and columns, mixing technology and drying technology.

In its 50 years, Bachiller continues to work in continuous improvement with all its team of people to continue leading the industrial sector with its R&D solutions.

With more than 160 people working in two production plants, Bachiller produces for its product families the following:


Vacuum filtration and drying:

  • Nutsche filter dryer
  • Rotary biconical dryer
  • Vertical evaporator
  • Paddle dryer
  • Vacuum vertical conical dryer
  • Vacuum horizontal paddle dryer
  • Spiral Dryer
  • Dryer reactor


Pressure vessels and static equipment:

  • Columns
  • Atmospheric tanks
  • Heat exchanger
  • Reactors
  • Agitation technology
  • Silos

Mixing Equipment

Mixing equipment:

  • Vertical conical mixer
  • Granulator
  • Fast Mixer for Fluidization
  • Horizontal ribbon blender
  • Biconical Mixer
  • Mixer in vee
  • Horizontal turbulent mixer
  • Homogenizer

Nutsche filter dryer

Process equipment:

  • Laboratory mixers
  • Lab vacuum mixer
  • CIP Monobloc
  • Melter
  • Colloidal mill
  • Emulsifiers

The company stands with the quality certifications ISO 9001:2008, ASME U and U2 stamp, HP0 certificate according to AD-2000 Merkblätt, Module H1 according to PED, A2 manufacturing license according to SQL of the Republic of China.

Bachiller's headquarters near Barcelona