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FabRx are the world experts in developing and manufacturing 3D printed oral dosage forms and medical devices using their pharmaceutical 3D printing platforms. Its founders have a wealth of experience in hardware, software and formulation development, as well as introducing innovative 3D printing technologies in the pharmaceutical sector.



Founded in 2014 by leading academics, FabRx is a spin out from University College London (UCL) operating at the UCL School of Pharmacy in Central London, UK. Their mission is ‘to make healthcare personal using 3D printing technologies, improving medicine safety and efficacy for patients across the world. FabRx is recognised as a world leader in the application of 3D printing technology to pharmaceutical products and drug delivery devices, successfully completing the world’s first-in-human clinical study utilising their Printlets™ technology in 2019. Since its initiation, FabRx have developed several different types of pharmaceutical 3D printers, including M3DIMAKERTM – the world’s first pharmaceutical 3D printer for personalised medicines.


FabRx’s breakthrough 3D printer, M3DIMAKER™, consists of a sleek hardware system that is controlled by specialised software, allowing the selection of the required dose by the pharmacist according to the prescription given by the clinician. Incorporation of a modern fingerprint access control alongside a data matrix reader ensures manufacturing reliability, as only qualified personnel will have access to the technology’s outstanding features. Moreover, the system is fitted with advanced in-line quality control procedures alongside camera monitoring of the printing process to track the progress and detect any faults during manufacture. A choice between three different printing nozzles allows the user to adapt the system to their manufacturing needs. The M3DIMAKER™ has a large array of applications within drug development (e.g. manufacture of small batches for pre-clinical and clinical studies) as well as clinical practice (personalised medicines). Depending on the medicine being made, the preparation of one-month’s medication (28 printlets) can be carried out in ~8 minutes, revolutionising the drug manufacture timeline.

The key features of FabRx’s M3DIMAKER™ technology include:

  • User-friendly software
  • Multi-nozzle printing system
  • Portable and versatile
  • In-line quality control measures
  • Assured security (fingerprint access, data matrix)
  • Affordable cost
  • Suitable for research, drug development and clinical practice

These advantages could highly benefit pharmaceutical companies seeking to deliver their active in a personalised and more cost-effective manner. Using FabRx’s 3D printing process, the drug products produced may generate increased revenue due to increased medication adherence, improved efficacy and safety profile, as well as increased product margins via premium pricing.

FabRx have a wide array of experience in other 3D printing technologies, including fused deposition modelling, direct powder extrusion, selective laser sintering, stereolithography, amongst others.